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[Random Quote] - The noble Eightfold Path, the way that leads to the extinction of suffering, namely: Right Understanding, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration----Buddha - (Added by: chaantzu)

I would like to thank all of the students for their participation in this year’s March, 2003 Mercer County Martial Arts Championship. Address To The Students

I would like to thank all of the students for their participation in this year’s March, 2003 Mercer County Martial Arts Championship.

Tournament competition serves as a means for all styles of martial arts such as Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Tang Soo Do, Goju Ryu, Kempo, Kung Fu and others to open doors toward friendship and healthy new relationships among all men, women and children. Winning trophies is a good thing but more important is the sacrifice to help with the promotion of our school whether the final result is a win, loss or tie.
Being able to understand the big picture. Striving at being unselfish yet helping our martial cause on a collective level!

It also serves as a tool for us to display our school's traditional forms and sparring techniques while promoting Traditional Shaolin Chuan Fa and Hung Ga Kung Fu.

As many of you know I stress the concept of brotherly and sisterly unity. This mean we all must do things together, one mind, and one positive commitment if we are to expand and grow to the next level as a school.

I strive on a continual basis to follow these examples as they were taught by Damo, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad for they were the best teachers in the discipline of how to achieve successful attainment for human endeavor.

For The Teenager Students:

Not only have all of you made your parents happy but also I am very well pleased as concerning your high level academic grades obtained in your school studies. Many of you have been maintaining this stature since the beginning of the 2002 school year.

This is an indication to me that all of you are beginning to understand that traditional Chinese martial arts is a combination of the physical with the intellectual. This synthesis of both states will transform an individual into being the best martial pugilist!

For The Adult Students:

Many of you have expressed your pleasure of learning the special entry level Chaan Mediation techniques, Hua To forms and 18 palms of Buddha routines in which I taught at the past two spiritual retreats. This makes me happy to know that these systems continue to help you control your individual stress levels.

It would truly be a most rewarding accomplishment for me if I could only reach out to each and everyone of our American citizens within the county to teach these special stress reduction forms.

The Almighty Supreme Being, Creator of all existence, knows that there are many people searching for a school such as ours, which practice's and is able to teach others the concept of spiritual peace in mind. While at the same time bringing together all ethnic people to form ONE FAMILY, all holding on with the same fortitude during our current world crises.

Shang Wu Jing Sheng ----(keep the martial arts in its highest esteem)

Chaan Tzu Ismail

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