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[Random Quote] - The body is like a bowstring; the hands are like arrows. Initiate movement in the hands like lightning – lightning so fast ones cannot close ones eyes quickly enough. Strike like thunder – thunder so swift that one cannot cover ones ears in time… the heart’s fire (Spirit) must be fierce. The five elements are metal, wood, fire, water, and earth – the flaming fire Qi ascends while the water Qi descends. My five viscera and their five Qi’s each contribute their power so that my technique is flawless.-Yue Fei - (Added by: Administrator)

Certified Sifu s

Only the following list of Sifu's and Instructors have been tested and are certified to teach the Northern Shaolin Kungfu (lohan system), Wu Style Tai-Chi Chuan or Pentjak Silat (Haramau system) as taught by Chaantzu Hadji Ismail as he learned from his Grandmasters.

If you know of anyone or school not listed and is teaching or advertising that they have trained under Chaantzu Hajji Ismail or any of his Grandmasters, please contact us to verify their credentials at Slungti@aol.com or call (609)902-0381.



COLORADO:       Sifu John Bilinski------Northern Shaolin Kungfu

MICHIGAN:    Sifu Ron Shaw-----7 Star Mantis

DELAWARE:       Sifu Raqib Rahman-------Pentjak Silat (Haramau) and Siu-lum Pai

MARYLAND:        Sifu Paul Zimmerman-----Pentjak Silat (Haramau) and Siu-lum Pai

OHIO                 Sifu Muhammad Abdullah-----Northern Shaolin Kungfu 




NEW JERSEY: Sifu Richard Folmer------Northern Shaolin Kungfu


PENNSLYVANIA: Sifu Joeseph Peeples------Northern Shaolin Kungfu

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