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[Random Quote] - "To study the Buddha Way is to study the self, to study the self is to forget the self, and to forget the self is to be enlightened by the ten thousand things." To be enlightened by the ten thousand things is to recognize the unity of the self. - (Added by: Venom #2)

Rules Of Etiquette
    1. Upon Acceptance into Bau Shu Fang Lian school of Shaolin Kung Fu, I sincerely pledge to obey all rules and regulations set up for the purpose of keeping order.
    2. All members must show respect at all times for the CHAAN TZU, SIFU, advanced students, and fellow class associates. Members must salute to show respect for the CHAAN TZU, at all times, when entering or leaving the training facilities.
    3. Members must not give instruction in or out of the Tao Chang (Martial Training School) without permission of the CHAAN TZU. Any member found in violation of this rule shall be subjected to loss of membership and dismissal from the organization.
    4. Students must respect their instructor and address him as "CHAAN TZU" at all times.
    5. Students must wear the club's uniform during class. Fines will be instituted if a student is not dressed properly.
    6. Be prompt for class.
    7. Continual absences from class without good reason will result in a 3-month class suspension. Student must then pay a $40.00 fine and consult with the CHAAN TZU before re-entry.

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