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Tai Chi Classes

Dear Participants,

I would like know how many people are interested in continuing the "Chen Pan Ling style", Tai Chi Chuan.    There will not be a 3rd level class covering the long form of the system.  However, the beginners form will be offered once again as two different courses.

Tentively, these classes may be held at the WestMinster Church on Saturdays, the cost will be the same as last years, $109.00 for eight (8) weeks. Level 1 will start from 8:00am to 9:00am and level 2 from 9:15am to 10:15am.

The start date will be some time in March 2004.  Everyone interested should reply right here so we are able to get an accurate count of people.

The beginners form will be offered again as follows:

Level 1

         Posture, Motion and Action of individual segments

         Correct Body alignment

         Techniques on relaxation and mind focus

Level 2

         Synthesis of all segment to constitute the Beginners form

         Single and Double push hand concepts

         Incorporating Yin/Yang flow into Beginners form



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