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History of Kung Fu

Chinese Martial Arts can be traced back to the famous Shao'lin Monastery on Hunan Mountain, which is located in northern China. The major influence of the art can be linked to the arrival of the Buddhist monk known as Pu-ti Tamo. He was the twenty-eighth patriach after the original Buddha of India. Tamo presented himself to the emperor of China and was allowed to retire within the Shao'lin Temple. His predominant activity during his first nine years in China was to face a wall inside a cave and meditate until he was so in tune with the environment that he could discern the extraordinary. He is particularly known for the introduction of Chaan meditation. This method eventually gained enormous popularity, momentarily eclipsing all other schools of spiritual thought. As a result, Tamo became the first Chinese patriarch and is honored throughout China with the title Bodhidharma.

Buddhism is a mental discipline which uses various methods to attain spiritual enlightenment. Tamo's legacies are his esoteric exercise forms and muscle classic breathing techniques. Tamo was the son of the Indian King Sugandha and was a member of the warrior class. Consequently, he received martial arts training throughout his youth. His 18-monk Boxing and 18 movements of the Arhat hands are forms that are therapeutic and meditative.

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