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[Random Quote] - The body is like a bowstring; the hands are like arrows. Initiate movement in the hands like lightning – lightning so fast ones cannot close ones eyes quickly enough. Strike like thunder – thunder so swift that one cannot cover ones ears in time… the heart’s fire (Spirit) must be fierce. The five elements are metal, wood, fire, water, and earth – the flaming fire Qi ascends while the water Qi descends. My five viscera and their five Qi’s each contribute their power so that my technique is flawless.-Yue Fei - (Added by: Administrator)

2001 First Annual Shao'lin Spiritual Kung Fu Retreat Retreat Objectives: The purpose of this retreat was to expose participants to ancient and traditional methods of self cultivation.
Outline Of Martial Stystems Taught At The Retreat
  • Tamo's Muscle Change Classic
  • Pa Kua Chang
  • Chaan Meditation
  • Kali / Escrima Stick Fighting
    Group photo of everyone who participated in the retreat.
    Group Photo
    Tamo's Muscle Change Classics became one of his three contributions to Chinese Martial Arts. The Muscle Change Classics focus on blood flow and rejuvenation. By combining the breath with beautifully designed postures, one can reach a new current of energy. Posture after posture, benefits of training one's body present themselves as a way to get warmed up, or a way to wake up. Even one's mind becomes more active from an improved flow of oxygen. Fatigue and laziness are overcome with the hidden energy in one's blood.
    > Pa Kua Chang training.
    Pa Kua Chang trainingMore Pa Kua Chang training.
    Pa kua chang is observed in the flow of ones movement. Using the fundamental symbol of an octagon, this deadly fighting style originates from a stance of balance and stability. Requiring very little energy, one's opponent feels his weaknesses being exploited and manipulated. While on the retreat, students paired up and practiced Pa Kua fighting applications and the fundamental steps of the Pa Kua movements (as shown in the pictures above and below).
    Chaan Meditation is the key to a successful kung-fu practitioner. Aiming to calm one's mind, and spirit, Chaan meditation allows an environment where someone can sit and contemplate one's hardships or problems. The meditation slows down an overly active mind to permit clarity and understanding. Flexibility of one's mind also emerges from the practice of Chaan meditation. Chaan meditation directly educates one in the practice of balance and the middle-path.
    The Kali/ Escrima stick fighting style uses two seemingly harmless bamboo sticks to devastate your opponent. Once the techniques are mastered, the student is effective with any stick like weapons. When done properly, the sticks and footwork become a flowing collection of precise strikes aimed at sensitive pressure points. The diversity of the Kali/ Escrima style comes from its basic use of circular motion and multiple strikes. The two foot long kali sticks allow a practitioner to block or strike at any time.
    Jeff Lewis practice's shaolin tiger form. | Levi performing northern Chum Sam Ku'en.
    Jeff Lewis in crouching form. Levi
    Tal-ha performing scorpion fighting technique.
    High Ranking Students pose on shore of the lake

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