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Master Chief Instructor Profile

Chaantzu Hajji Ismail has been a practitioner of traditional Chinese and Indonesian martial arts for over 40 years.

He was first introduced to martial arts by GrandMaster Art Sikes at Cleveland Ohio's Masjid Mu'min, IRM Inc. Being a teacher from the Liu Seong World Kung Fu Federation, GrandMaster Sikes taught the brotherhood members including Ismail the southern disciplines of Siu-lum Pai and Kuntao Silat.

GrandMaster, Goeroe Agoeng Wetzel became the second teacher to Chaantzu Ismail and other school members for a short time teaching the Indonesian system of Poekoelan Tjimindie Serak. This unique system included learning traditional jurus, langkah, sambut, rahasia, fighting techniques and the spiritual training of kebatinan.

Master Kai Sung taught Chaantzu Ismail the external styles of Northern Shaolin Chu'an Fa, Tam Tui and weaponry. The internal lessons taught consisted of the Tai Chi sword, Long pole, Big knife, Pushing hands, Short and Long form of the Chen Pan Ling synthesis, Tai Chi Chuan School.

Dr. Wu Min An, a scholarly and seventh generation heir to his familys martial arts system from mainland china and a Master in various other traditional styles, has been Chaantzu Ismails GrandMaster for more then 20 years. Chaantzu Ismail learned the Shaolin Lohan, Moslem Tam Tui, Hung Gar, Eagle claw, 7 star praying mantis, Hsing I, Baqua Chang, Bot Mei, Chen Village Taijiquan (Old Frame), Wu Family Dragon and Monkey styles. A multitude of weapon sets and instructions in the Chinese classics of Tao te ching, Golden Diamond Sutras, Chaan Meditation, Buddhist Philosophy, Lun yu, Sun tzu and I ching. Dr. Wu did studies at Ching Wu martial arts institutions at both Shanghai and Canton China.
Chaantzu Ismail has written articles for some of Martial Arts most prestigious publications. His topics has included areas such as fighting application, health benefits, historical background of animal styles, and traditional Chinese medical concepts.

One of his articles was so informative that many subscribers had written to the magazines editor asking him to publish similar topics in future issues.

Inside Kung Fu later responded by collecting the best publications from its past two years then reprinting them in a special Martial Arts edition. Chaantzu's artical on, the rare and unique ground fighting techniques of "Shao'lin Northern Leopard style" was chosen to be reprinted and on the news stands throughout the country in 1990.

The magazines in which these writings appeared are listed below.

  • Kung Fu Qigong Magazine, July/Aug, 2003 issue
  • Inside Kung Fu Magazine, September 2002 issue
  • Masters of Martial Arts Magazine, June 1990 issue
  • Karate Kung Fu Illustrated Magazine, February, 1990 issue
  • Inside Kung Fu Magazine, October, 1998 issue
New Jersey East Coast Forms and Weapons Champion, Black Sash Division, 1985 and 1987 Winner of 70 martial arts trophies in sparring, empty hand forms and weapons

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